About Me

Cindhy Dwi Astriani, a Balinese girl who grew up in Hammer City, and by faith went to President University, finished her education in Seven Suns Shine City, Jababeka. Married to a wonderful man, Yosua Kristianto. Loves business, art, media, and entertainment. Mostly express myself in writing and dancing. I’m not a full time dreamer, but once I dream, I know it’s gonna happen.. 🙂

Email: maddencindhy@gmail.com
Instagram: @cindhy_ndhy



7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. she is my little sista…
    i love her,coz i juz have her.
    begitu banyak corita yang kita lalui….ehhehehe….jd kngen dh dgn masa2 itu (hampir nangis nh cin)eheehhe.
    i said thx 2 GOD coz he have given u to us 😀

    1. hehe, it’s a bit tricky y??
      yap, already added you in my blogroll,, and a bit correction for my name in your blogroll, its “Cindhy Madden” not Cindy Madhen oukay.. wait for your correction soon y,hehe 🙂

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