,,30 and 2 years down,,

Happy birthday sayang! And also happy birthday to us!

Words can’t describe how grateful I am to have you in my life. I have spent days poring over old photos of us, squinting at our expressions, trying to relive the scene, and savor whatever emotions we felt in that snapshot. I’ve scrolled through photos of giggly or silly times, of times when everything seemed a lot simpler, with less to juggle and balance and worry about. All of the pictures, regardless of the life season we took them in, make me so happy to look at. Because it’s you and me, it’s us.

Kebun Raya Bogor
Trans Studio Bandung
Benteng Vredeburg Jogja
Arsenal Tour di GBK


Mie Rica Kejaksaan

We have experienced a lot during these 2 years of marriage. Yes, there have been tears and conversations riding on frustration. But there have been such happy, beautiful, perfect moments, too. Times when we couldn’t smile big enough, or laugh loud enough, or hug each other tight enough. But most of all, like people said, it really is a huge blessing to go through daily life with our best friend.

My Graduation
Our Engagement



There are plenty moments of our marriage that hit me with such feelings of love, and it certainly is better than any fairy tale. I have come to realize that no matter the situations we find ourselves in, what matters most is that we are doing it together.

Our Wedding




Every inside joke, every spontaneous hug or kiss, every single silly dance move, every ice cream & martabak or even bakmi congsim, every movies and series watched or places visited & travelled, has logged itself into a precious, precious memory bank. This life we’re building together is so wonderful, and you are such a gift and blessing to me.

Babymoon Paris – Tour de Eiffel
Babymoon Paris – Pantheon
Babymoon Paris – Sacre Coeur
Babymoon Paris – Versailles

And oh, I could go on and on about your servant-heart and your watchfulness and thoughtfulness towards me and (now) Zoey. You astound me with your endless ways to show me you love, care  and you’re taking care of me, of our family. Thank you for your hard work for our family, for your every effort in creating our very own version of “home”. Learning to be parents with you has been the most humbling and hilarious experience. I love you more everyday, watching you be a dad to Zoey is my favorite.

Babyshower with CG
Zoey Valerie Kristianto
Sebelum pulang dari RS MMC
Zoey is One!

If 2 whole years of marriage have flown by this quickly, I can only imagine how quickly our future years together will fly by. On this special day I pray that you will reach your fully potential, the way God wants you to be. The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, so He will work out His plan for your life. Always know that God is able of all things, even when you see stars collide upon your eyes. And yes, His plan for your future has always been filled with hope..

Once again happy 30th birthday and happy 2nd anniversary sayang! Two years down, forever to go 🙂

I love you deeply and I always will,


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