,,before a word has been spoken,,

I am now sitting in front of my laptop, finally decided to post after spending almost one hour ONLY reading my “keep to self” writings on my laptop. I, myself, never experience this but since it’s february, I guess it’s really oukay to publish a lovely post.

Here it goes.

It was a pleasant afternoon that she spent outside.
At a place that is darker than her home, but brighter than the sky.

A cup of hot Americano please
she demanded her all time favorite
Her weary eyes wandered as she waited for a cup of pure dark liquid
As dark as pitch,
As thick as a brick

Solemnly waiting,
Whilst scenting the gust of perpetual freshly brewed coffee

As she got the warm cup in her hand,
She paced her way to a small circular table by the window,
A table for two.

Right before she get to her destined place,
He came in.

Right at that moment,
Their eyes met

There’s a microsecond, where she felt the embarks of emotion
Emotion which he, felt it too.

They didn’t say a word
Nor molding a smile

She walked away.
And so did he. To the corner of the room.

She felt a flash in her heart from the moment he entered the room,
From the gaze of his eyes
She knew,
She just knew.

Seated at the corner of the room.
He stole a couple of glance to her
His mind wanders
But his eyes set on her

His presence beguiled her
Thousands of words circulating inside her head, questioning.
She thought she’d seen him before.
He looked like someone she knew.

And she could not set her eyes away from him.
As she tried to look away
Her eyes returned to the corner of the room.

I need to write this down, this moment she thought.
And so she pulled out her notebook and pen
Writing down things she felt in the present time

she started writing

Something about this guy’
He lights up the room

His gaze fixed on her.
She writes gracefully, he wondered what she writes.

As soon as her eyes caught his,
He looked away.

‘What’s his name, I don’t know’
‘How to know, I don’t know’

They exchanged look thousands of time.
Neither do they smile, or mouth a word.
Nether do they wanted to approach each other
Let alone knowing each other.

Though both pondering the same question
And both deny it afterwards.

A simple “I guess I’ve seen you before”
Won’t do.

As time passed by
She do what she needed to do
As so has he

He kept stealing a glance when she’s not looking
And so does she

When they caught each other in between
Both of them looked away
Denying and pretending.

They left the words unspoken
As if the words flow in between their gaze

Both have a wandering mind
But both eyes adamant to each other

As if they know what both are saying
Without even saying it

They hope they’ll meet again someday
And know each other’s name
As he set his foot out from the place
And left the corner of the room.

Left with solitude, she pondered.
Writing this down whole heartedly,
She figured,

“We sometimes encounter people, even perfect strangers, who begin to interest us at first sight, somehow suddenly, all at once, before a word has been spoken”

Happy February. Happy Valentine.

Much love,

The girl by the window
The girl by the window


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