,,always happens like this,,

It always happens like this, just like when you want a coffee. First, you crave for it. You’ve been thinking about it, how it made you feel, how it smells, and how it keeps you awake. Then you took a cup and make a hot Americano. 3 teaspoons of coffee, and 2 teaspoons of sugar, or less. You know how to make it and how it would taste. You boil the water, and you’ve waited for it until it boils. You make those imagination in your head, how it smells, and the way you stir it. Then when the times right, you pour the boiling water into the cup, you stir them gently with grace, and you swiftly took a sip. And ouch—it burns your tongue. You stop sipping, put the glass down and start thinking about the pain it cause to your tongue. Until then you thought about letting them to cool down a bit, and left them on the table—untouched. While waiting for it, you do something else and oh—your favorite show was on TV. You decide to watch it and it turns out you enjoys it more than your coffee. Hours pass by, you forget to sip the coffee that has burned your tongue. You forget about it simply because it doesn’t make you feel good. The show does. You try to drink your ‘now-it is-cold’ coffee. And you decided that you don’t want it. You throw them away. And maybe—the next 3 to 4 days, you start wanting it again, simply by thinking about the fact how it made you feel, though you know the TV show did a lot better than a cup of coffee.

Sometimes days are like that.

It always happens like this.

Next worthy post will be available soon! Promise!

Great weekend people! Enjoy your coffee!



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