,,a grateful birthday post from Bangkok,,

God is the greatest artist
To whom no one can compare,
Streaking sunsets very beautiful,
Painting rainbows in the air.

Brushing green the hillside scene,
and blue to the sky above,
Splashing flowers across the ground beneath,
Shading white clouds with His glove.

Of the wonders God has made
There is none that is so fine
As the smile He paints upon our face
When we realize He’s always there…

Thank you for making this happened :)
Thank you for making this happened πŸ™‚

It’s my birthdayyyy,
I’m so grateful that God taught me so many things lately and I know there are more to come.

Ini pertama kalinya gue ulang tahun di Bangkok. And yess, I got a surprise birthday party from my brother and sister here. So thankful for the Wycliffe team that made my blueberry chesecake happened and made my day :). I didn’t expect it at all. Really appreciate the effort, you are all amazing and kind-hearted people. Really a pleasure to join the event for the past few days. And I hope you all enjoy the tobleron πŸ™‚

Thank you for every prayers, greetings, wishes, and presents. Thank you for every heart that cares so much. For the birthday treat from my dad, and early birthday present from my sister. Maaf kan gue yang belum bisa atau telat menjawab setiap pesan (terutama di bbm) yang disampaikan ke gue karena gue lagi di Bangkok.

A special thanks to you,
ya kamu, sosok yang selalu hangat dan memberi dukungan walau dari jarak yang tidak dekat. Thank you for your hard work in making a birthday call for me, hope you enjoy hearing the princess sound this morning, thank you for the beautiful post, it is really really sweet, and for the early birthday present that I really need. Untuk semua kasih dan ketulusan dan waktu yang diberikan, membuat yang berulang tahun hari ini selalu tersenyum, seperti saat ini…

And a very special thanks to You,
For all the years You have carried me,
Thank you Lord, for Your words that breathe life to me
And for Your oil of gladness in the time of this…


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