,,a love that will never grow old,,

Having family that love God is far more precious than any diamond in this world,
even when it’s wrapped with fine gold – Yosua Kristianto

Marriage is really a blessing of the Lord
that binds two closely in a strong chord
the cord that carries affection and love
that is sent from God of heaven above

Happy anniversary Dad and Mom
You both play your role very well
share both cries and smiles that dwell
and do everything to make others glad
try your best to change all bad

You both took care and handled with art
your two little pearls who lived in your heart
did everything to see our smiles
showed your love in your own style

Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom
Another anniversary shines so bright
Another year of Love’s wondrous might

29 years you graced this land
You two definitely wrote the book
on how to marry and what it took

Cherish this precious moments
Celebrate the hopes of tomorrow
Carry the dreams of many years to follow

I ask our Almighty Lord
to grant you more years of greater joy
and love that will never, never grow old…

with love,
your super proud daughter

Happy anniversary!!!
Happy anniversary!!!

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