,,sweet beginning to happily ever after,,

I wanna sit at Your feet
Drink from the cup in Your hands
Lay back against You and breath
Feel Your heart beat
This love is so deep
It’s more than I can stand
I melt in Your peace
It’s overwhelming..

Ungkapan perasaan itu gue sampaikan pada seorang pribadi yang selalu setia mendampingi gue kemanapun, kapanpun, dan di manapun. Dalam setiap proses dan fase kehidupan gue, God is always faithful. Termasuk dalam satu fase kehidupan gue beberapa hari yang lalu, a really sweet moment, the beginning of two families unite as one, lamaran dan peneguhan pertunangan dari gue dan Yosua Kristianto. Yeah, I am happy to say that we are officially engaged! I feel really grateful for the blessings, for the love that unite us, that unites our family. Surely, His love is a constant source of life that I draw from, all that He is and He has been to me cannot be expressed, it is something only the heart can explain, and for that I feel content.

Iyos & Indhy :)
Iyos & Indhy 🙂

Love ruled the day when the angels came to meet
Sweeping them up and off of their feet
Neither of us knowing what the future would bring
Two hearts together and one diamond bling
It’s a promise, so sweet and so pure
Together forever, for love shall endure

A blessing from above, this story is told
A warm love to last a lifetime and a hand to hold
With the angels still near and dear to the heart
we shall prosper and never grow apart
So remember that to love is time well spent
And what brought us two together was heaven sent
It’s beautiful, yes it’s beautiful Lord..


DariMu aku menerima serta mengenal kasih,
dan denganmu aku belajar mencintai, tanpa tetapi…


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