,,a child’s simplicity,,

We look ahead through each changing year
with mixed emotions of hope and fear.
Hope for the peace we long have sought
Fear that our hopes will come to naught.
Unwilling to trust in the Father’s will
we count on our logic and shallow skill,
and in our arrogance and pride.
We are no longer satisfied
to place our confidence and love
with childlike faith in God above.
The tiny hands and tousled heads
that kneel in prayer by little beds
are closer to the dear Lord’s heart
than we who search and never find
the answers to our questioning minds.
For faith in things we cannot see
requires a child’s simplicity.
Oh, Heavenly Father, grant again
a simple, childlike faith to man,
Forgetting color, race, and creed
and seeing only the heart’s deep need.
For faith alone can save man’s soul
and lead him to a higher goal,
For there’s one unfailing course
We win by faith and not by force.

PS: Don’t loose faith, for our faith shall not rest in the wisdom of man, but in the power of God…

little girl praying


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