,,a great thing called hope,,

The rising of the sun carries the message of light
Nature is always concerned about the people, it shows
The flying birds are happier than the human, it proves
That even the tiny bird understands the truth

The whisper of every bee, echoed in the ear
Conveyed the happiness to mankind, as we hear
The cool breeze starts spreading the news of joy
The warmth of the sunlight reassures new hope

is what comes in the dark of the night
is what whispers ‘It will all be alright’
Hope can blaze like a fire in the heart
Hope can reach across worlds set apart

Hope when lost can bring a world to the groundΒ 
Hope when forgotten can be silence amongst sound
Hope if not reached for is unlikely to be there
Hope if searched for can be found anywhere

Hope is a beacon
In a raging, stormy sea
Lighting a pathway
Leading us to be free

Hope is a ladder
From a pit full of death
An oxygen mask
Saving your final breath

Hope is a blaring sound as the world does crumble
Hope is a safe fall should you ever trip and stumble
Hope once found can stay forever, spead and grow
A protective shield against whatever life may throw

Hope is not just a shield, though
It is also the sword
The mightiest weapon one can brandish
The cheapest to hoard

Hope can split into many; strength and courage not least
Hope can be the poisoned wine in an enemy’s feast
Hope, if lost, can always be regained if you believe
Hope never lets you fall, but lifts you up to achieve…

Not failure nor sorrow, is our destined end or way. But to act that each tomorrow, find us farther than today. Have a blessed days ahead in this year. Fill your days with hope and make every second count!



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