,,where did the laughter go?,,

Sore ini sebenarnya gw gak punya keinginan untuk ngepost, karena gw harus menyelesaikan beberapa urusan. But then, gw membaca sebuah short fact hari ini yang membuat gw cukup kaget (inget gw yang kaget, jadi kalau loe baca dan gak kaget, it does not matter).

“….children laughs over 300 times in a day when adults laugh less than 15 times.”

Less than 15!

What happens to us when we grow up?

Where did the laughter go?

I personally believe that laughter is the best medicine and a good hearty laugh will make us feel good for a long time. With laughter we may find a whole new way of looking at our life. Find solutions we might not have thought of before. Laughter unites people. Very different kinds of people can be together if they share the same sense of humor.

Sometimes we take life way too seriously. We have been taught to run through our lives with such a speed we have no time to laugh.

What do we miss?

When we are able to laugh, we are in touch with life’s goodness.
That is the gift of joy.

Well, gw gak heran krim anti aging makin laku di pasaran sekarang, karena lengkung-lengkung indah nan lebar di bibir sudah mulai banyak terganti dengan wajah kaku dengan lipatan-lipatan di dahi. Look at this and remember it. Life is so hard to so many people. It is like an eternally continuing rainy day. They are not happy. Always try to be the sound of laughter in the rain. So you be happy, show them the way. Be the laughter in the rain for them, then you can spread happiness to others.

the freedom of any people can be known by the volume of their laughter…


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