,,congraduation for me,,


Congratulation for me!!!!

Yes, setelah 7 semester duduk manis di bangku perkuliahan, 2 semester internship di Batavia (Aston Rasuna Jakarta) dan 1 semester yang mengharuskan gw masuk dalam pertandingan iman dengan semangat yang melebihi para pejuang kemerdekaan (baca: thesis season), kemarin tepatnya tanggal 12 February 2013 (oh, betapa bersejarah hari itu dalam kalender akademik gw) officially gw dinyatakan lulus sebagai seorang sarjana dari universitas tercinta, President University, hehee senangnyaaaโ€ฆ.Well, I can say it all because of the goodness of the Lordโ€ฆ

Sometimes I wonder how my life would be without You in it.
Your love is a constant source of strength that I draw from and it is something that has blessed me in so many ways
Your gift of faith taught me to see the dazzling goodness and grace that surround me if only I open my ears, eyes and minds
All that You have been to me cannot be expressed, it is something only the heart can explain
I live in the warm embrace of Your love each and every day, and I want You to know how precious that is to me
I never want to know life without You in it
I look forward to every single day that I am blessed to have You with me, days to express how very much I am in love with you
My passion runs bone deep and so long as I can breathe, so long lives your love which gives life to me

Happy graduation Cindhy Dwi Astriani B.Sc ๐Ÿ™‚


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