,,grow old with you,,

Pagi ini gw baru sadar kalau gw belum posting apa-apa untuk bulan ini. Oukay, mungkin alasan sibuk cukup bisa memaafkan gw dalam hal ini, walaupun itu adalah hal yang sangat klise untuk para blogger yang jarang update (seperti gw). 2 jam terakhir ini gw habiskan untuk memeras otak dan mencari wangsit buat ide tulisan kali ini. Sayang seribu sayang, gw tetap gak menemukan apa yang gw bakalan tulis. Gw sampai berpikir apakah gw akan membuat sebuah postingan tentang gagalnya gw mencari ide tulisan bulan ini? Hmm, cukup tragis kedengarannya.

Akhirnya gw memutuskan untuk melihat trailer film-film yang bakalan rilis akhir tahun. Entah kenapa gw malah nyangkut di trailer film “UP” (mungkin udah jalan Tuhan kali yaa), yang notabene nya film ini bukan tergolong film baru. Cerita ini menurut gw cerita yang simple, bisa di googling bagi anda-anda yang belum pernah nonton. Satu hal yang menginspirasi gw adalah cerita tentang si kakek Carl dan Ellie yang ketemu and grow old together. It’s an amazing journey for both of them. And yeah kisah ini sukses menginspirasi gw untuk membuat sebuah tulisan. So, here I go…

It all began about 60 years ago,
On a very special summer day,
For two unexpected man and woman,
Love was about to come their way

when they meet, things move quickly,
Nobody gave their love a chance,
It’s been seen a million times before,
People say that it’s just another hopeless young romance

But for this couple it was different,
Since day one it was meant to be,
It was that forever fairytale happiness,
The kind you can only see on T.V.

One day she looked at him and asked,
“What is it with your life you’d like to do?”
He gently kissed her forehead and said,
“Sweetheart, I dream to grow old with you”

Smiling because they were so in love,
Suddenly he got down on one knee,
Pulled out a beautiful diamond ring,
And asked “Princess, will you marry me?”

Tears falling from her big brown eyes,
It was a yes as she nodded her head,
And several months later,
These two lover were married.

They bought a house and settled down,
Got pregnant and gave birth to a little girl,
How is it at just thirty-three years old,
They could have everything in the world.

For fifty years their lives were perfect,
As grandchildren grew the love did too,
But with a simple trip to the doctor,
The future suddenly held a different view.

He was diagnosed with bone cancer,
The doctors didn’t give him very long,
He fought with everything he had left,
But at eighty, he wasn’t very strong.

As he laid on a hospital bed about to die,
Hand in hand with his wife and best friend,
He said “I want you to know since my twenties,
You’ve been my everything, my whole life”

With tears falling from her big brown eyes,
She asked “did all of your dreams come true?”
He kissed her forehead and with his final breath,
Said “Of course princess, I grew old with you”

Fiuhh, walaupun pendek but yeah gw merasa cukup sukses dengan adanya tulisan ini for this month. Well, for me love is always wrapped with so much emotion, happiness, joy, all the blissful feeling, and of course sadness and pain. People say that holding on is tougher than letting go or simply quitting. I believe that love, along with the commitment, trust, and respect, will make the relationship fruitful throughout the years.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..

Have a great day everyone…


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