,,when God smiles,,

My Boss received a mail yesterday. As he tearing open the envelope, he pulled out two sheets of paper. One was a letter and the other a drawing. It was from his sister in Japan. He carefully unfolded the letter and in a giant scrip it read “hey bro, I want to come visit you because you are my best friend. Love you bro”. I looked at my boss face and he smiled, he said “I felt the love they conveyed in such an instant way, sent this mail all the way from Japan, she did this special for me”

Hmm, when I thought about the effort that went into the contents of that envelope, the process of delivery, I thought how God must smile at us, His children, when we send love letters to Him. With our every prayer, we are telling him how much we love Him. Whether a whispered prayer on the go or a time spent in sweet fellowship with Him, it reflects our love for our best friend. Although just a simple letter, it is a lesson to us in how we can show greater love to our Savior.

Our lives are a picture for our Lord of either happiness and contentment or discontent and unrest. If we were to draw a picture for God would we draw a beautiful picture, carefully showing how much He has done in our lives? Or would our picture be dark with despair and regrets for those times we have failed Him?

The Bible tells us how much the Lord loved children. He enjoyed spending time with them and wanting them to sit with him and love him. We are God’s children and we can either tell Him how much we love Him and the blessings He has given us, or spent the time with Him complaining about all the burdens we bear through our life.

We are told that unless we become like children, we cannot enter the Kingdom of heaven. May we become as little children and enjoy the blessings and excitement of the life God has given us, daily spending time in His presence, loving Him, and just wanting to be with Him. As we praise Him, love Him and look forward to spend eternity with Him, I am sure God smiles.



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