,,happy anniversary dad & mom !!!,,

Today is my parent anniversary.
This is a day to share happiness.
The day to celebrate the joy of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hope for tomorrow.

27 years. For me that is a WOW and amazing journey.
Marriage is made in heaven. It’s beautiful and rare.

I remember when I was young I said I will never leave your side
Now as I am growing, I see the love you two share
I have learned so much from you two
where a good wife gives happiness and long life to her husband
where a good husband leads the family with love and always willing to fight.
I pleasure every moment
It such a great blessing from God
for having two loving parents as great and loving as you
You two are great and i’m so proud to be your daughter

There’s still a lot more to conquer tomorrow for you
upcoming years to share affection and create precious moment together
upcoming years to discover new things and enjoy each other
upcoming years to strengthen each other that defines forever

dad and mom
I pray bliss to fill your souls
peace to fill your spirits
love and care to fill your hearts
and joy to fill our home…

with love,


4 thoughts on “,,happy anniversary dad & mom !!!,,

  1. Happy Anniversary Om N Tante, Semoga semakin langgeng dan bahagia dengan penambahan anggota keluarga dan juga sehat selalu, to enjoy life and its fullness.. ^^

  2. Happy Anniversary for 27th marriage, Papa dan Mama Cindhy.. Love of God will shines and endures forever in ur marriage and family, blessings over your marriage, everlasting love, peace of God will chase running after both of your life. I send many peace, joy, faith, hope, and LOVE to your family. Blessed to know both of you through your blessed daughter, Cindhy Dwi Astriani. 🙂

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