everyday feels sweeter.

my days pretty tiring lately,
doing this and that, sleeping less at night (success is coming :D)
but the joy always come with its sweet relief
even i don’t always have fancy pictures in my fairest dreams,hahaaa

anyway, here’s the result of my sweeter day
enjoy my writing yaa…

sweetness abides in the clouds up above
carry me there on the wings of love
the warmth that comes can make the flowers grow

something so tender
i can’t explain
all i know so far
is the beauty remain

it’s loveliness increases
and for sure…
it will never pass into nothingness

May your day also be sweeter y’all..


2 thoughts on “,,sweeter,,

  1. Finally I can comment to the blog. It’s good to share what u felt in a poem like this.. Truly a great poetess to be.. Keep writing like this, ur poem has ur own signature on it.

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