,,true love,,

Remember the first day You called my name
Remember the first day You chose me
You stepped to me and then said “Follow Me!”
It was a wonderful moment
Seems like I had butterflies although I tried to hide it..

Don’t be afraid!
I am taking your beating
I share what I’ve been..

That‘s what He promise me..

Then, something took me back on the pages of my life
Turning through the good and bad times
I’ve given every moment I have
What was I looking for??
Not so sure what it was…
I had it all
But not what I wanted…
I guess I’ve been doing fine
But not really, because I’m lost without You…
I’m done with one mile and on to another thousand with uncertainty…

Now I know my time comes
So, forget the things that I’ve done…
It’s a brand new day,,
Going through the day with Him
Carry His promises always with me…
The way You hold my hand
The way You talk to me
I know You are The One
I know You love me, because You said so
It feels so good to find TRUE LOVE

I know we all speak in different voices,,
Maybe you still figure out what do you live for??
Maybe you still say is today going to be allright??
I worried that so long ago,,
But now I have Him and all my worries gone…
You could have Him too, for free..
Just open your heart and let Him in,,
After that you also can say..
It feels so good to find TRUE LOVE..


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