,,journey 4 searching hands,,

When I finished my high school, I was terrified,,
I was so afraid I would get lost and do something stupid..
I don’t wanna be like a bad novel,,
People even don’t want to make movie about it..
This is the point, it was my grief..

First time I began my journey through the grief,,
My hands were clenching tissues and wiping the tears from my eyes
Or clenching my pillows as I buried my face into it to hide the tears..

Over time,,
I spent most of my time wringing my hands in despair
I didn’t know what to do or to turn..
My life had turned upside down
I was completely lost in foreign world..

From there,,
These two hands became reaching hands,
Reaching for anyone and anything that could make the pain go away or even lessen it..
Different people go to different measures..
Some drown their pain in alcohol and drugs,,
Other busy themselves with anything that stops them from thinking about their problems..
Travel, books, hobbies, work, shopping, even eating..
It’s not so much that we’re trying to hide from our grief
It is trying to just find a little relief from the grief..

First, I reached out to friends and relatives,,
But even close friend and family can’t give you a helping hand that will make the pain bearable..
Then, I realized that God had given me two of the greatest helping hands,,
My own!!

Finally, putting these two hands to proper use,
I began to recover from my pain and find peace in my grief..
I simply got down on my knees and pressed these two hands of mine together and began to pray,
To God who hears my every cry..
Spending much time in His presence,,
Listening for His voice through my heart,,
Finally brought peace back to my soul..

He taught me how to lift my hands and give my burdens to Him,,
Allowing Him to handle the things I was incapable of handling,,
Allowing Him to be my strength to get me through each day..

Yes, I may still look the same on the outside (pretty gorgeous anyway :P),,
But my heart has changed..
It was empty and He has filled it,,
It was hurt and He has healed it,,
It was angry and He has tempered it,,
He brought it peace..
And it all started by using my two hands,
Pressed together in prayer..

So I ask now,,
Where are your hands right now??
Which hands are you grab in along your journey??
Take the trip to the last,,
Put your hands together in prayer..
The GOOD news is that you CAN get through this ,,
Even though your world has crumbled,,
There IS HOPE,,
God promised!!

For a little while you will no longer see me; but then a time will come when you WILL
see me again. Yes, it’s true, you will weep and mourn for awhile. You will grieve …
but your grief will one day turn to JOY. For I will see you again, and your heart will
rejoice, and then, no one can take your joy away from you!
~ John 16: 16-22 paraphrased


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